Elevated plugin for Take Command / TCC / TCC/LE

Version     2023-10-12

Charles Dye


This plugin implements one function, @ELEVATED, to test whether a process is running elevated.

Windows Vista or later is required; this plugin will not load under earlier versions of Windows.


To use this plugin, copy Elevated.dll to some known location on your hard drive. (If you are still using the 32-bit version of Take Command, take Elevated-x86.dll instead of Elevated.dll.) Load the .DLL file with a PLUGIN /L command, for example:

plugin /l c:\bin\tcmd\test\elevated.dll

If you copy these files to a subdirectory named PlugIns within your Take Command program directory, the plugin will be loaded automatically when TCC starts.

Plugin Features:

New function: @ELEVATED

Syntax Note:

The syntax definitions in the following text use these conventions for clarity:

BOLD CODEindicates text which must be typed exactly as shown.
CODEindicates optional text, which may be typed as shown or omitted.
Bold italicnames a required argument; a value must be supplied.
Regular italicnames an optional argument.
ellipsis…after an argument means that more than one may be given.

New Function:

@ELEVATED — Tests whether a process is elevated.


pidthe process ID of the process to check

The pid may be entered in decimal, or hexadecimal with a leading 0x. If pid is not specified, the current instance of TCC is assumed. @ELEVATED returns one of:

1if the specified process is elevated
0if the specified process is not elevated
-1on any error

echo %@elevated[0x25A0]

Startup Message:

This plugin displays an informational line when it initializes. The message will be suppressed in transient or pipe shells. You can disable it for all shells by defining an environment variable named NOLOADMSG, for example:

set /e /u noloadmsg=1

Status and Licensing:

This plugin is © Copyright 2023, Charles Dye. Unaltered copies of the binary and documentation files may be freely distributed without restriction. I make no guarantee and give no warranty for its operation. If you find a problem, you can report it in the JP Software support forum.


You can download the current version of the plugin from http://charlesdye.net/dl/elevated.zip.