Acquire plugin for Take Command / TCC / TCC/LE

Version     2023-10-15

Charles Dye


This plugin provides a simple way to download files from the internet. It does not require the IP*Works library, and can be used in TCC/LE.


To use this plugin, copy Acquire.dll to your hard drive. (If you are still using the 32-bit version of Take Command, take Acquire-x86.dll instead of Acquire.dll.) Load the plugin with a PLUGIN /L command, for example:

plugin /l c:\bin\tcmd\test\acquire.dll

If you copy this file to a subdirectory named PlugIns within your Take Command program directory, the plugin will be loaded automatically when TCC starts.

Plugin Features:

New command: ACQUIRE


New functions: @IFILESIZE, @IFILETIME2

Syntax Note:

The syntax definitions in the following text use these conventions for clarity:

BOLD CODEindicates text which must be typed exactly as shown.
CODEindicates optional text, which may be typed as shown or omitted.
Bold italicnames a required argument; a value must be supplied.
Regular italicnames an optional argument.
ellipsis…after an argument means that more than one may be given.

New Command:

ACQUIRE — Download a file from the internet.

ACQUIRE /G /N /O /Q url localname

/Gdisplay progress during the transfer
/Nnot really; don’t actually transfer the file
/Ooverwrite the local file if it already exists
/Qquiet; do not display summary on success
urlrequired; must begin with http:// or ftp://
localnamethe filename for the local copy

This command copies a single file from a web or FTP server. You cannot use wildcards.

The localname may include directory aliases. If localname is a single dash -, or if it is not specified and output is redirected, the file will be dumped to standard output. If localname is not specified and output is not redirected, or if localname names a directory, ACQUIRE will make up a filename based on the URL.


See also: _ACQFILE and _ACQSIZE, set to the local filename and size of the downloaded file.

New Variables:

_ACQAGENT — Returns this plugin’s user agent string.


This variable was mostly for my own use in debugging this plugin. It might also be useful to check whether the plugin is loaded, and if so, which version.

echo %_acqagent

_ACQFILE — Returns the filename of the last local file created by ACQUIRE.


If the last transfer failed, _ACQFILE returns the string *ERROR*. If the last transfer was to standard output, the string - will be returned.

set lastfile=%_acqfile

_ACQSIZE — Returns the size of the last local file created by ACQUIRE.


If the last transfer failed, _ACQSIZE returns -1.

if %_acqsize == -1 echo Copy failed!

New Functions:

@IFILESIZE — Returns the size of an internet file.


The url is required; it must begin with http:// or ftp://. The return value is the file size in bytes, or -1 if any error occurs.

echo %@ifilesize[]

@IFILETIME2 — Returns the time stamp of an internet file.


urlrequired; must begin with http:// or ftp://
fmtthe format in which to return the date:
0the default local short date format10/31/23
1mm/dd/yy (USA)10/31/23
2dd/mm/yy (Europe)31/10/23
3yy/mm/dd (Japan)23/10/31
4yyyy-mm-dd (ISO 8601, the default)2023-10-31
5yyyy-Www-d (ISO 8601 week-day)2023-W44-2
6yyyy-ddd (ISO 8601 year-day)2023-304
16MS-DOS day number+16009
17using English namesTuesday, October 31, 2023
18T format (offset from today’s date)
19ANSI day numberA+154436
20ISO 8601, packed20231031
21days since 1970-01-01U+19661
32Windows user locale “long date” formatTuesday, October 31, 2023
145using local namesmardi, 31 octobre 2023
256local short date format, four-digit years10/31/2023

If you do not specify fmt, it defaults to 4 (ISO 8601 format).

Dates and times returned are GMT. To convert to local time, add 1024 to fmt.

echo %@ifiletime2[]

Startup Message:

This plugin displays an informational line when it initializes. The message will be suppressed in transient or pipe shells. You can disable it for all shells by defining an environment variable named NOLOADMSG, for example:

set /e /u noloadmsg=1


VersionDateChanges ShowCmdHelp() to include VER_PATCH. the plugin’s web address.
1.0.42023-06-13Removed a call to QueryIsFile(), to work around an issue in TCC v30.00.20.
1.0.32023-01-12Changes to handling of FTP files in @IFILETIME2: you don’t need read permission to get the time stamp. Improvements to GetErrorText().
1.0.22022-12-20Moved ParseArgs() out to ParseArgs.cpp. Moved date-formatting code out to DateToString.cpp. Added more date formats (from ISO6801).
1.0.12022-12-16Added @IFILETIME2. Removed the attempt to call TCC’s Type_Cmd(); that hasn’t been present for many, many releases.
1.0.02021-07-08First release. Added @IFILESIZE, and documented _ACQAGENT. Tweaks to the user agent string. Switched the .DLL names; now Acquire.dll is the 64-bit build. Much cleanup of the code and documentation.

Status and Licensing:

This plugin is © Copyright 2023, Charles Dye. Unaltered copies of the binary and documentation files may be freely distributed without restriction. I make no guarantee and give no warranty for its operation. If you find a problem, you can report it in the JP Software support forum.


You can download the current version of the plugin from